• Reduce labour costs by electronic grading on internal & external quality

  • Grade yellow, white and red onions effectively on colour, size & weight

JDC Onion Grading Solutions

JDC Onion Grading Solutions is a supplier of ‘automated grading solutions’ for packers and growers of onions. An advanced camera system, grading machine and extraction system are integrated into a customized solution for your specific situation. This allows you to grade onions better, faster and more accurately than ever before! more>

Customized grading systems

Onion grading technology enables a dramatic reduction of labour costs. This specifically applies to external and internal defect capabilities. JDC provides ‘TrueSort’ software, a grading and sorting solution which provides unmatched capabilities as it relates to all aspects of onion grading:

  • Weight, size, colour
  • External quality
  • Internal quality
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    Electronic sorting

    Our state-of-the-art sorting technology is at the heart of each JDC line. Electronically sorting onions on the basis of their size, color, weight, internal and external quality requires less manual work and results in more accurate quality.


    More about advanced electronic sorting and selecting here>

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    Dust collection

    Extraction systems for onion husk; clean onions without skins.

    More about extraction on your grading or packing line here>

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    Integrated solutions

    JDC provides fully automated, customized onion grading lines; from infeed to cupsizers, sorting and extraction systems.

    More about integrated grading systems here>

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    The synergy between the grading machinery and the electronic sorting systems has created the optimum solution for all onions producers

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