Supermarkets will continue to check the quality of their onions. The main question is: “why do they want to check the onion quality so many times?”
The answer is quite simple. More than 60% of onion consumption is on the East Coast and most of the production is on the West Coast. It is a long process from planting until consumption. Also the transportation (with truck or train) has an enormous influence on the onion quality because of humidity and temperature. Because onions are often re-packed from 50 pound to 5 or 10 pound, supermarkets need to know where quality issues arises.

Unique camera system

This requires an improvement of the entire production chain. We are able to fullfill this demand with our unique camera system.

What will follow is an increasing demand of systems which could check the characteristics of onions for not only the grower or packer but also for the repacker.

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