Accurate Grading

Perfect sorted onions

We want to be the industry leaders in onion grading and packing. Thinking together with our customers and applying innovations where they can provide added value for their packing process. We use 5D technology for our electronic sorting techniques. This allows us to perform 10 different measurements per onion, resulting in the best possible selection of onions. In addition to internal and external quality, the advanced sorting techniques produce a consistent stream of onions packed on the basis of size, colour, or weight.

Streamlined process

A finely tuned exhaust system ensures that the onions are cleaner, free from dust and skins, before they are being packed.

Learn about the JDC total technology for each process component and discover the difference it makes on all fronts:

We measure internal and external quality

JDC partner Elisam has developed it’s own internal quality unit. It is based on the best technology, using full transmittance. A special light projector has been developed to shine light straight through the product. Up to ten measurements are made while the product passes the sensor.


Electronic sorting

In this module, a bright beam shines through the onion. With the light that comes out on the other side, the composition can be determined. For example, the frequency of light of an unhealthy onion, is different than that of a good onion. This is a revolutionary module that reduces flaws in the sorting process drastically. Measured parameters can be rot, brix, dry matter, acidity and ripeness.