Electronic sorting


weightThe weight of onions can be determined on a cup system and a roller system. Weighing with an accuracy of within half a gram is possible, even at high speeds. The system automatically corrects for the weight drift of each cup caused by swell of the machine, temperature differences or dust build-up during the day. This guarantees the most reliable data for the best results!


sizeThe dimensions of each onions are calculated using multiple images of the product. Our software detects the stem and the center of the onion. In this way, we know which diameter must be measured. Specialized algorithms determine the orientation of the product. Diameter, length, curvature, surface – but also shape can be determined.

Our software can measure up to 10 onions per second!


ColorThe colour of the onion is highly representative for the quality. The colour module enables you to specify the colour on which you would like to grade the onion, using live feedback from high-resolution cameras. In this way, you can accurately specify the properties of the onion.

External quality

external qualityHow many rotten spots does an onion have? What percentage of the onion is rotten – and what is the most rotten spot? For some properties of the onion, the color module alone is not enough. (Mis)shape and surface are also important to determine and distinguish specific properties, such as stem, mold, scratches and other defects. Even defects and bruises just under the skin can be detected! For these properties the intelligent quality module is the solution.

Internal quality

internal qualityWe have developed a projector to accurately assess the internal quality of an onion. For this, we use the full transmittance technology, as a result of which the entire onion can be illuminated and not merely a part of the onion. In this way deviations like internal rot can be determined accurately! Are you interested in finding out if we can grade your crop?

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