Onion Grading Machines


JDC provides fully automated, customized grading machines.

The synergy between the Elisam machinery, the Ellips electronic and Jongejans dust collection, has created the optimum solution for all onions.

Thanks to the High Electronic standard of Ellips, in a unique machine we can grade onions for weight, size, color, Internal Quality and External Quality. Not only a onion sizer and weigher machine, much more!



  • Number of lines: from 2 to 8 lines
  • Cup size: 95 mm
  • Kind of trolley: cup and roller
  • Working speed: 10 tr/sec with Internal Quality
  • Electronic: Ellips True Sort
  • Working method: weight, size, color, internal quality, external quality
  • Features: Sizer with central discharge with or without plastic curtains or brushes.