• Optical onion grading
    in Australia

Optical Onion Grading in Australia

JDC’s long-term partner Food Automation is the exclusive agent for Elisam Optical Grading Equipment in Australia & New Zealand. This year they already will install the second Optical Onion Grader in Australia.

LJM Produce: direct result

In May 2016 the first Elisam Optical Onion Grader was installed at LJM Produce in WA. This 2-Lane machine, which is able to detect both internal as external defects, has been running to the greatest satisfaction of the owners of this very ambitious company. “The machine has been performing from the moment
 it was installed”, says Jamie Maiolo, Operations Manager of LJM Produce.

Much more control

“The unique in-house developed software in combination with the sophisticated camera system analyses the spectrum of each individual onion and does not require any calibration at all, this unlike some other systems that were being promoted in the market. The machine is very easy to adjust to our specific needs and makes our complete grading and packing process much easier and more efficient. The ability to detect the internal quality as well as external quality gives us so much more control over our crop”.

4-lane grader for Zerella

Late 2016 and early 2017 Zerella has visited LJM and a European onion packer, who has already been working with the optical onion grading system for a while now. After speaking to the owners, the line-operators and seeing the machine performance with their own eyes they were confident Elisam was the only way to go. We are there for proud to announce that Zerella / Parilla Premium Potatoes in South Australia has ordered a 4-lane optical onion grader to further optimize their big Onion operation in Parilla. At the end of 2017 Elisam & Food Automation will together install the second Elisam optical onion grader in Australia. More info:

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