• Optimized onion grading process

Easy Choise

For us it was an easy choice to partner with Elisam and JDC for our new sorting line. We looked at other lines and when we saw what Elisam could do with sizing, sorting, and grading, the others could not compare.
With local service and support as well as the expertise of both Sean and Curt we were satisfied. In our area labor is becoming a huge issue, with the internal and external capabilities of the new Elisam we will be reducing our labor by over 50-60% (!). With the volume of onions we pack and ship, the line will pay itself in just over a year.

Optimized Process

Process optimization formed the base for the new onion line configuration. JDC engineered a lay out that makes sure that every onion will take the best route through the plant; from infeed to packing.

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