• Potato Europe impressions

JDC and Jongejans at Potato Europe

JDC was present at Potato Europe in a booth combined with Jongejans Dust Collectors. The synergy between optical grading developed by Elisam and the extraction systems offered by Jongejans Dust Collectors has revolutionized the onion sorting process; skin free onions thanks to extraction and a consistent internal and external quality because of optical grading. This integrated solution is supplied globally by JDC.

Potato Europe impressions

Visitors could experience how optical sorting works in practice from the operator’s seat and see how easily the TrueSort program can be adjusted to all types of onion batches.

Experience yourself

See how optical grading works in practice and sign up for our demonstration at Top Onions! During this demo you can experience the benefits of guaranteed internal and external quality first hand:

  • Exceed your customers expectations with consistent onion quality
  • Prevent unnecessary crop loss
  • The most effective way to process 
onions; every onion ends up at the right place

Demonstrations can only be given to a limited audience; sign up now!

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