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No future, but an everyday reality

In recent years, JDC’s grading solutions have processed countless onion batches at various European onion producers. During this time, we have encountered pretty much all disease patterns and deviations, at least once. Of course, the weather and the effect on the onions change from year to year. An improvement process, spanning several years, was therefore implemented, to get a complete overview of external quality.

Start optical grading; our system is ready

By now, we can say that the optical grading system is fully attuned to the European onion. Why? Because all quality factors have been programmed, in conjunction with the conditions; a brown spot on an onion, following a dry period, may indicate a different deviation compared to a brown spot following a year with more rainfall. The camera system combines colour and Near Infra Red to be able to conduct such assessment.

This system proves its value every day

In other words, if you acquire this system, you can start using it immediately. The same is not true for newly developed systems, where the learning process still has to start. This ‘learning process’ is based on trial-and-error, because you have no idea why the system classifies an onion as ‘rejected’. The only explanation then: the onion in question was not approved.

Selecting based on internal quality: one of a kind

Of course, you would prefer that not one good onion ends up with the rejected onions. The Elisam grading machine is able to detect nearly all occurring internal defects. The program also undergoes constant further development. Experience with twins / doubles was recently acquired and incorporated in the software. Our system ensures that as few good onions as possible end up amongst the rejects, and that is always the first advantage!

JDC Automation: online connection of machines

Automated processing of onions revolves around a well designed process where all elements are perfectly attuned and the line keeps going under all conditions. JDC’s engineers know the critical points of this process. With clients, they create the best and most suitable grading solution and incorporate such solution in the design and eventual configuration of the line. The JDC Automation program them provides real-time insight into the entire line’s processing. Thanks to the communication between the machines, the entire line functions in an interconnected fashion, guaranteeing optimal performance.

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JDC supplies grading machines to onion producers who don’t want to wait on the future, but want to get started, the innovative way, without delay. View the experiences of onion producers on or allow us to convince you of the countless advantages, on May 3th, during a demonstration in Denmark. Start with optical grading today and call Bas Ruygrok on +31 223 660 666 or sign in beneath.

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