• Optical grading for TOP Onions

TOP Onions choose to optically sort with JDC-Elisam

Rinus Wisse: “Optical sorting line will be primary line”

TOP Onions has chosen the optical sorting system from JDC-Elisam. The most important benefit of this new technology is that it can guarantee the quality of the sorted onions. JDC supplies the new sorting solution, consisting of a camera system, a sorter and a extraction system.

What was your main reason for choosing optical sorting technology?

We want to work towards an even higher and more consistent quality of our onions, both internally and externally.


What made you decide to choose the JDC-Elisam?

JDC and Elisam have much knowledge and skill in optically sorting. They have already placed various properly functioning lines worldwide.

What is the benefit of being one of the first?

As you know, we are not the first, various lines are already in operation. This is the right time to start, we clearly see optical sorting as the future.


How will you be using the line? For which onions, and what share of the total number of onions?

We will be using the line for both yellow and red onions. The optical sorting line will be our primary line. The other sorting lines will do the remainder of our volume.

Have you noticed demand for internal quality sorting from buyers?

Customers want TOP quality, from retail to wholesaler, nearby and in the farthest corners of the world. We can better guarantee that with this machine, and internal quality is a spearhead in that in particular.


What will this mean for the total onion sector?

We will not be looking at other companies, as such, we are doing this to guarantee our position as a progressive onion company and to further expand. On the other hand, this is such a change in technology, it will probably bring about change in the sector.

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