• Elisam/ Ellips & JDC: worldwide partnership!

Worldwide partnership

Since 2014 JDC Automated Packing Solutions has been the partner with Elisam/Ellips for the USA Onion market in the distribution and installation of Elisam grading and sorting equipment. Due to the enormous results of the past two years both with the installations of the grading technology and sizer combination, Elisam/Ellips and JDC will continue their partnership Worldwide with all the onion technology being distributed through JDC Onion Grading Solutions

Optimal solution

The synergy between the Elisam grading equipment and JDC, has created the optimal solution for your onions!

  • Electronic sorting on size, colour and weight enables you to reduce manual labour
  • Measure external and internal quality and detect the most common defects: balding, rot, sprouting etc.

Integrated grading solution

Integrated Grading Solutions combined with grading machines and extraction for both cleaner onions ànd production facilities

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