focused on onion quality

All aspects of onion grading

Onion grading technology has enabled a dramatic reduction of labour costs over the past 4 years. This specifically applies to external and internal defect capabilities. JDC’s partner Ellips has been at the forefront of this development with its TrueSort grading and sorting solution which provides unmatched capabilities as it relates to all aspects of onion grading.

Succes in the USA

A number of large US Onion packers have adopted this approach which had enabled them to significantly reduce manual labour while providing a higher quality product on a consistent basis. If required, packers are able to conduct ‘quality control’ sorting on the onions just prior to packing.

Internal quality

The external quality system is able tot detect and sort on most common defects including; balding, sour skin, external rot, black mold, sprouting misshapen/ doubles and mechanical damage.
The internal quality system is capable of detecting internal rot (core, ring & neck) along with certain other internal characteristics including early stage sprouting.