Why JDC for your onions?

Why JDC for your onions?

First, we focus on the onion market. Our employees have many years experencie in the Onions business so we know the critical details of onion production. This creates a significant competitive advantage.


Top technology from Europe


Second, JDC is an independent company who only works with a high level of technology machinery. All of our partners meet strict requirements on materials, technology, accuracy and lifetime.

Process knowlegde


Third, through many years of experience we’ve developed a lot of knowledge about the processing and characteristics of onions. This enables us to understand the desire of our customers. So we try to create chemistry between the customer and JDC as a trustworthy company to concentrate on the life-long relationship. We do not only consult and install the total solution, but we are also able to maintain a high level of service through our 24 hour service.

Unique in electronic sorting


Fourth, and our biggest advantage we have towards our (in)direct competitors, is the exclusive sales rights of the Ellips camera system in combination with Elisam grading lines. This camera technology is capable of sorting onions both for external and internal quality. For our customers it’s extremely important to supply onions with a significant quality. Until today it was only possible to grade onions externaly. With Ellips we are able to grade the internal quality also. The implementation of Ellips and Elisam technology makes JDC unique!

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